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We at Intellofy strive to provide the best solution to solve the tech issues of any small to medium-sized organisation. In this digital world, we help your business create a digital presence and grow in the Metaverse so that you establish a brand out there. Our team comprises highly experienced web developers, digital marketers, IT consultants, and other tech geeks.

Intellofy believes in giving ownership to the clients for each milestone, so we include our customers in every step of designing the social media strategy to implementing the strategy. As a small or medium-sized company, it’s not very cost-effective to get an in-house team for tech issues, so Intellofy is here to have your back with its remote staff and experienced employees.

Moreover, we focus on the security of clients’ data. It is one of our biggest priorities. Also, we make sure to save your time so that you can invest it in a better place.

Our Mission

We want to cater to all small and medium-sized businesses with our services cost-effectively, requiring a tech team.

Our Vision

We aim to solve all the tech-related issues that small and medium-sized businesses face in their day-to-day functioning.


Years of experience in IT Solutions & Business

The range of tech projects our team came across and successfully solved is diverse as such. Our strategy building to solve business or IT issues has evolved. Now, we have a team working together and independently for years.

Team Members

Our Awesome Team

Jullia Siger

Web Designer

Claire Divas

Web Designer

Harry Steve

Web Designer



Intellofy has always helped or startup to position itself in the highly competitive market of mobile applications. You will not regret using it!

Miles Jokic

Flick Change

I just finished my Email campaign with intellofy and was so amazed with the support and results that I have now started with their LinkedIn Campaign package at the special price.


Our Care Direct

When it comes to Data Management, I won't recommend anyone else than intellofy. They have a great pool of Data Experts, who knows how to extract information from any given place and then provide you the best results out of it. I have been giving them different projects related to Data, Web development and lead generation and they have never let me down. I wish Intellofy all the very best. Cheers!.

Ryan Oehlers

Domain Name Management

These guys are the best at Lead Generation! When I started with them I had 0 business and they have been giving me quality leads which has helped me get great business deals. I am very pleased with their work and professional behaviour.

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